Is the Bible Bogus?

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Science is knowledge. It is what we know. With this definition, science and the Bible are in perfect harmony. There is no evidence to suggest the Bible is inaccurate in any of its statements regarding creation or scientific facts.  In fact, the more advances are made in science, the more it has proven the truth of the Bible!

Now, everyone knows that there are plenty of popular theories in the scientific community that contradict the Bible, the most notable being evolution. Yet even in this case, evolution is not pure science, for it is not known, but only theorized . No evidence contradicting what the Bible says has been produced by evolution-believers.  (For more information on this topic, check out our creation/evolution section.)

As science has advanced over the centuries, stunning discoveries have shown that not only is the Bible scientifically accurate, but the Bible actually made scientific statements about nature hundreds of years before man discovered them! For example, look at the following….

-The Bible said that the earth was round 1600 years before man figured it out. (Isa. 40:22)

- The Bible said that the earth is suspended in space 3600 years before man discovered it. (Job 26:7)

- The Bible said that the universe is running down only 2500 years before man found out.  (Isaiah 51:6, Ps. 102:26, Rom 8:20-21)

- The Bible said that blood sustains life 3300 years before man would agree. (Lev. 17:11)

- The Bible said the stars produce sound 4000 years before man found out. (Job 38:7)

- The Bible said that the earth rotates on an axis 3550 years before scientists discovered the same. (Job 38:12, Luke 17:31,34)

-The Bible said that the stars cannot be numbered 3000 years before astronomers figured it out. (Genesis 15:5, 22:17)

-The Bible said that man is made from the same materials as the earth 3200 years before man found out. (Gen. 2:8, 3:19, Ps. 103:14)

Source: Biology: God's Living Creation. A Beka Books. Pensacola, FL. (1986)

The Bible is most definitely scientific--it is totally accurate and has often demonstrated that God knows more about science than man. (This would make sense, seeing that God is the One who invented science itself!) Read Job 38-42.

Remember this: People never reject the Bible because of their science, they reject the Bible because of their sin. To admit that the Bible is right is to admit that we are obligated to follow what it says--and many would still foolishly hold to the opinions of men rather than the Word of the True God.

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