Is the Bible reliable as a Historical Document

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The Bible has stories of great cities being destroyed, worldwide empires crumbling at the power of God, a great worldwide flood, etc. Critics spend their lives and their fortunes in the desperate attempt to unearth something that would contradict these biblical records, yet their scoffing voices have been silenced again and again as discoveries surface that support what the Bible says. Secular history brings us many facts about the past, and these have never been found to be in conflict with the Bible.

It is curious to note that those who attack specific portions of the Bible first level the charge that "if this or that existed, we would have found it by now." Then, when the item or city is found, the critics resort to "well, the Bible must have borrowed the information from somewhere else." The real issue isn't that the they want proof for the Bible--the issue is that they DON'T want proof for the Bible. They desire to have something that they can hold on to as a reason not to believe!

There have been many studies, archeological digs, and explorations that have all yielded the same result--the Bible is accurate to the very core. Dr. Nelson Glueck, a Palestinian archeologist, said in his publication Rivers in the Desert, "As a matter of fact, however, it may be stated categorically that no archeological discovery has ever contradicted a Biblical reference. Scores of archeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or in exact detail historical statements in the Bible."

From a different perspective, if we believe that the Bible is God's Word, then history and archeology would not give any more weight to the Bible than it already has, but instead the Bible would be used to prove that history and archeology are on the right track! Certainly we can trust the Word of the One who is the ultimate Historian--the all-knowing God. Certainly we can trust the Word of the Grand Archeologist, who can see every atom of every stone in the Universe.

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